Sail with the tide

by Magdalene

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    Album out on Sons Of Vesta records (Italy) on 2010
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released April 1, 2010



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Magdalene Pisa, Italy

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Track Name: Following a false beacon
From ashes we're born but flames we'll become, we're chained to a cross forced to pray a false god...
Track Name: Sail with the tide
Shall we sink into a century of darkness just to understand the real meaning of light. Shall we fall into a century of silence just to understand what it's like to communicate. Shall we overcome on this deafening noise, Shall we overcome on these glimmering lights!
Track Name: Thousand of plagues
The thirst that i've felt now it bleeds you, the hunger that i've felt now's devouring you and it rips and it rips you and it falls and it's over you, now death will come and take down from your throne!
Track Name: Pagan
Here we dance on the grave of the nothingness they've created: There is no evil nor good. Better back in chains than being saved